100 days in the Office: Is Gen. Taban Deng a Machiavellian Schemer or Unheralded Prince of Peace?

By Simon Yel Yel, Juba, South Sudan, NOV/13/2016, SSN;

If anybody had told me then, or over any succeeding ten (10) years from the CPA interim period to 15th December crisis in which he was then a Governor of Unity State and later the SPLM-IO chief negotiator, that he was a future First Vice President, I would have summoned those men in white coats. However, his unexpected rise to the country’s second top job is unprecedented political miracle which no one had ever thought of.

Gen. Taban Deng is now 100 days old in the office and it is worth looking into what he has achieved. The 100 days parameter is being used as yardstick by press and public in advanced democracies for gauging presidency take off effectiveness.

This slippery terrain was first introduced into the global leadership framework in 1993 by the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Therefore, I think the South Sudanese should use this yardstick for gauging what Gen. Taban has achieved, if any, in his 100 days in the office.

In this regard, the top priorities vary from a country to a country. In South Sudan, Gen Taban’s top priorities as SPLM-IO chairman and the First Vice President range from improving the security in the country, striking harmonious working relationship with the President to reduce political temperature in Juba, establishing cantonment sites for IO fighters in the Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal, maintaining the ceasefire between the IO and government troops in the Upper Nile region, integrating the SPLM-IO forces into the national army (SPLA) and organized forces, striving to improve the international image of the country and government, and above all, jointly working with the President to implement the peace agreement in order to achieve peace, unity, reconciliation and stability in the country.

The nomination of Gen. Stephen Taban Deng Gai by the SPLM-IO leaders in Crown Hotel to take over the SPLM-IO leadership as a commander in chief of all SPLM-IO forces and fills in the position of the First Vice President is not only a rare event in South Sudan politics but also his leapfrogging over the SPLM-IO Secretary General and SPLM-IO Deputy Chairman to be the Chairman of the SPLM-IO.

It shows that he is a unifying figure and the SPLM-IO (military and political wing) can coalesce under his leadership than any other leader.

This is a great marque decision ever and it will go down in the history of this great nation as one of the most momentous event. It is a very courageous and surprising decision from SPLM-IO leaders to choose hope over despair; peace and congeniality over a boomerang of war; rebuilding a prosperous country over destruction of the country, to continue implementing the armistice under stewardship of Gen Taban over reverting back to war as Riek Machar has done.

Though he is being branded by enemies of peace as an opprobrium political ninja with posters of Chairman Mao, Machiavelli and Che Guevara on his face who could sacrifice anyone at high altar for a top seat; he will be remembered as a hero who rescued this nation from the war and destruction brought upon it by Riek Machar when the political history of 15th December failed coup attempt and J1 shooting on 8th July is finally recorded by our generation.

Watching Gen. Taban on his inaugural speech on 26th July on SSBC, I felt like watching the total and genuine peace coming to the country. In his inaugural speech, Gen Taban wept and said “you (President) are my commander in chief; this country can’t afford to have two armies.”

Contrast to his former boss, Riek Machar when he was sworn in on 26th April. Riek is a person with amorality and lack of affect; capable of violent acts without guilt feelings.

Unlike most rebel leaders in Africa, Taban acted in opposition of political principle of the SPLM-IO (Kiir Must Go First) inculcated by Riek but in pursuit of genuine peace, restoration of calm, and harmony in the country.

There is no doubt that Taban’s swift move to quash the issue of two armies which he negotiated clearly shows he is for peace and a born again nationalist who would not want their political differences to wreck the country and sweep off its hard won sovereignty.

The appointment of Taban was warmly greeted with mirth rather than derision in Upper Nile region and indeed in the country at large as it was conjectured. Taban has shown the world that he is a unifier and we have witnessed the return of many defection groups to the SPLM-IO like the group of Gen. Gatkuoth Gatkuoth following his appointment as First Vice President.

There was iota of fear that the SPLM-IO will dichotomize into many factions after his nomination, however he proved those doubting Thomases wrong and the SPLM-IO has now united its ranks and files than ever before.

Taban is a decent and team leader. I don’t mean courteous and polite, although he’s, I mean considerate, nationalist and leader. If anyone of his group member is in difficulty or feeling isolated, he surely calls them, to offer support, advice and brief them on day-to-day activities and future plans. In short, he likes teamwork. This is a rare quality in a person, but even rarer in a politician. His cheerful charisma and hospitality has always been able to attract camp-followers.

Below are some of milestone reached by Gen Taban in his 100 days in the office:

1. When Gen. Taban took office as the First Vice President, South Sudan was living in an Ivory tower in terms of foreign relations with the neighboring countries, IGAD, UN, International community, and the West. The foreign relation of South Sudan government with neighboring countries and International Community was at nadir. However, it is improving now, courtesy of Gen. Taban.

2. Immediately after he was sworn in, Gen Taban embarked on his first foreign trips to Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia, UAE and the U.S. By these trips, the First Vice President had assured all these nations about their commitments and plans to implement the Compromised Peace Agreement. And now, there is no single country that doubts the velocity of which the Peace is being implemented in South Sudan, courtesy of Gen. Taban.

3. His visit to Kenya has been greeted with the proposal of the motion by Kenyan MPs to sanction and deport SPLM-IO members in Kenya who are spreading war propaganda. And the speaking witness is the deportation of James Gatdek Dak to Juba by Kenyan government for inciting violence; courtesy of Gen. Taban.

4. While his visit to Ethiopia has led to the historical visit of Ethiopian Prime minister and signing of the historical cooperation agreements with South Sudan government that include the joint military force to patrol at the borders to jettison the rebels, banishing the rebel leaders from taking refuge in Ethiopia, and support the Transitional Government under President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Stephen Taban; courtesy of Gen. Taban.

5. Successful maintenance of ceasefire in Upper Nile region and specifically in Fangak, Nasir and Akobo. It shows that the SPLM-IO military chain of command is more united under Gen. Taban than it was under Riek.

In conclusion, Gen. Taban sings a song of peace that the South Sudanese people – who currently despise almost every other SPLM politician in the pack—will crowd and listen to it seriously with their hearts and ears wide open raising a glimpse of hope that the peace and tranquility is on the door-step. They see Taban as the fat white hope, Francis of Assisi, El Gid, Joan of Arc, Indiana Jones, who is salvaging the nation from annihilation, reclaiming the lacerated political glory of the SPLM, and bringing this crisis to an end.

He is the unheralded Prince of Peace who appears at helm at the toughest time when the country is in a deep search of its lost patriotism and peaceful co-existence among the communities.

Can anyone imagine what would the state of affairs, nationhood, political and military sanity in South Sudan be like today if Gen. Taban and his current team had decided to follow Riek to DRC’s forest? Gen Taban and his team deserved to be given courage and support to continue implementing the Compromised Peace Agreement without any about-turn.

Simon Yel Yel, is the co-editor (with Paanluel Wel) of the book of the President Salva Kiir’ speeches and essential writings published as “Salva Kiir Mayardit: The Joshua of South Sudan” he can be reached at maandeng2017@gmail.com or +211955246235


  1. abai okwahu says:

    Taban Deng Gai is a stooge of the tyrannical regime of Kiir and his JCE associates. There is nothing tangible that Gai can demonstrate that he has achieved in the hundred days since he sneaked into the position of FVP. SPLA/M-IO are still fighting all over the country as well as other groups who want Kiir gone, there are no cantonment areas and no troops from SPLA-IO have defected enmasse to join Kiir’s murderous regime. All roads leading to and from Juba are impassable and the only means of transportation now is by air. Juba is under siege, folks are leaving in droves to neighbouring countries for refuge,there is an acute food shortage, lack of medicines, etc. Stop patting yourself in the back, Taban Deng Gai has achieved nothing in the first 100 days, just misery for the masses. Thanks for the lies.

  2. Deng Handbol says:

    Simon Yel,
    I think Dinka like you should think about the future of Janang. So long as Equatoria are determined to kick your ass out of greater Equatoria, the Chollo people want to wipe you out in Malakal, Malut, Renk, Akoka and Kurpalose. Jikeny Nuer have already taken a decision to annex Baluit to Nasir, in Oct. 12, 2016, the Murle forged an alliance with Lou Nuer and the goal is to divide Bor and Duk between themselves and finally, the Bul and Leek Nuer have a greed to force you to leave Fariang and Abehinum peacefully and return to Warrap or Aweil.

    Otherwise they will be obliged to make mass deportation of the Dinka of Bentiue into Bar-Ghazal. The fact is, Dinka future in South Sudan is fluctuating. I Would say you are all doomed to die.

  3. Ya Yel Yel
    Taban is simply a betrayer of the cause of South Sudanese. He defected to Kiir’s camp and has nothing to do with the genuine quest for change. He has no single soldier in Equatoria region and anyone thing of cantonment of IO under him in EQ. is day dreaming. Only R.M.Teny can be heard her. The appointment of Taban to the post he holds now was to confuse the international community and shield off Kiir from condemnation of what he had done to Riek at J.1. An attempt was made to kill Riek but the bravery of his guards thwarted the plan. Every part of J.1 is bulletted and no survivor so that history could not be told. Kiir cleared his remaining wounded soldiers so that they do not say the truth.Praise him for nothing and let us wait whether he could go to address IO Pagak and come back safely. He is even not free to move and that was why his attempt to visit various towns, like Bentiu were cancelled because he is not trusted and may revert back to IO.

  4. mading says:

    Deng H. It is good to write it on the internet, but doing it is not there.

  5. lodani rama says:

    which real change Machar is now talking of, when he has been in power for eight years and never even though of a change. The change Machar want is to grab power by force and people who love peace like Taban Gai wouldn’t allow our people to continue to suffer because of people who are fighting for their stomach. For nearly three years splm in opposition movement has not been able to spell its objectives clearly. They are even not able to get a trade name for their organisation. Machar want to destroy S. Sudan. Even During SPLM agreement with Khartoum, Khartoum went and made changes on the agreed ministries given to SPLM. Garang didn’t go back to bush to fight. When Garang died Khartoum want to postpone the referendum Kirr didn’t return the country to war but for Machar’s group it is different. The group knows they didn’t command any support. The question to be asked is, what changes is Machar going to bring when several groups are breaking away from him and accuse Machar of running the organisation like a family business. So for those who believed that Kirr wanted to Kill Machar is a lie because on that day of the incident,there were journalists from El Gezira and our local journalist in J1. No killer can expose himself in front of a camera to kill his opponent while the world is watching.
    The truth is Machar and his group want power by any cost and they will never pity the suffering of our people. In several occasions they said it openly they want to turn S. Sudan into a Somalia. Riack has history of violence dating to 1991 to S. Sudanese people.

  6. Lodani Rama
    I understand the defense you making in support of the Kiirism. First and foremost, Dr.Riek Machar are democrats. They were pushing Salva Kiir and his majorly confused SPLM IG who did not know the time they were in the bush and the new role of being the government under the constitution. Precisely, why did Salva Kiir intimidated every NLC member on 13-12-2013 to vote by show-off hands, a primitivate way of voting akin to Karamoja in Uganda than secret ballot”?. He wanted to scare the members so that when they vote against him in National Convention, they will be labelled as enemies against Kiir’s indefinite lust for power. Dr. Riek and the group wanted secret ballot so that division are contained and even Salva Kiir might have been voted in or out, could be difficult to know his supporters or those against him and vice versa. Accussations came out of him as follows “loo jol ne fat fii tisa utisa in (1991), door de, la theriga” if one escaped in 1991, this time, no way out. He referred to the first democratic cause of 1991 when Machar decided to challenge the dictatorial John Garang de Mabior and his allies. This the cause of problem. But as to fighting, what happened on 15/12/2013, did not meet the modern day standard of what a coup’d etat looks like. Both in South Sudan and abroad, you failed to convince the people of the requirements for any development to be labelled a coup. What happened was a resistance to attempted disarment of the Nuer faction of Tiger. Once this had succeeded, Riek could have been arrested and detained along side his allies.Marial matched to disorganize the Nuer faction but he was resisted severely and that was it. As to 2016 J1, it was this time not arrest, but killing Riek was the sole aim. The organizers believed that by staging fighting, Riek will be frightened and runs disorderly and only to be declared dead in cross-fire. That is it. Salva Kiir was aware of the plot.There is a wrong perception among Dinka and misinformed equatorias of Igga, Isaac Mamur, who had been told that Dr. Riek Machar is the problem of South Sudan and getting rid of him was the end of problem.That was a miscalculated plan. Dr. Riek Machar is the only hope for the South Sudanese and once he takes control, South Sudanese will forget about tribalism started at J1 and ending in Kraal by the Dinka of all sides.Those who are breaking away are instead strengthening the moment. We getting rid of those who lacked reason of taking up arms. They should not be told to leave but they go by themselves, Gathok Gatkuoth , Lul Ruai etc. They may one day come back. At the moment, no government in Juba. We acting state institutions that do not act according to people’s will. Our people are scattered everywhere because Kiir’s government turned against them. Dr. Riek Machar Teny was chosen by God and he will come to lead the South Sudanese to prosperity. He commands support in our Equatotia Region. Slow but sure.

  7. Lodani Rama
    The modern standard coup involves the following: attacking the nearest but largest military barrrack, taking control of the parliament, Judiciary, central bank and important commercial banks. Controling the airport, attacking and fighting in the Presidential House or state house, house arrest of the President and his important aides, eg. Defense Minister, Speaker of Parliament, Security Advisor and Spokesman, arrest of influential opposition leaders, blocking all in and out roads of the City and control of telecommunication and networks. Except fighting in the barrack of Giada, which was a self- defesne by Nuer faction of Tiger, no other part of Juba witnessed fighting on 15-12-2016. Because the conditions above were not satisfied by the 2013 resistance by IO, the government failed to convince South Sudanese that there was a coup. This is seen from the reaction of the public. Few condemnation messages were forcefully obtained from some selected communities as security to keep their sons in government. Particularly, it was a must that communities from Bahr el Ghazal must come out to condemn the alleged coup since the governmnet belongs to them. Among the elites and message that had been preached and continuously be so, is that “this is our chance, once this power goes to Upper Nile-Dinka or Nuer or Shiluk or coming to Equatoria, we, the Jienge of Bahr el Ghazal will never come back to power for generations to come”. So it was necessary that they condemn it though some were actually fed of their own son’s failure in developing, even his own village of Akon.There were also few from Equatoria reasons who by wishes of being maintained in any reshulfle, came out allegedly in name of their communities than not, and send condemnation messages against the “revolutionaries”. We blocked most of the supposedly condemnation from Equatorians, after we convinced them and they judged for themselves. So, Riek and all with him now and those suffering in Juba are for total change in leadership in Juba. The dismantling of the present system of run by political and military thugs that do not know the future of the nation.

  8. mading says:

    Lodani. You got it right, that is what the man want, power, power, he does not cares about his people as long he is called chairman and commander in chief by dumb supporters who don’t see what is going on in other part of the country, life is going on little better in two regions of South Sudan, Euatoria and Bahr el ghazel, but Upper Nile is burning!

  9. Steve John says:

    I try to understand your writing although that is quite difficult given your limited capacity to express yourself in English adequately. Our tragedy in South Sudan is trying to communicate with less articulative or at worst semi-illiterate people. This goes on to say, Kiir totally misunderstood Riak, who in his capacity as VP then, tried to bring about reforms within the SPLM. Whereas Mdm. Nyandeng, Pagan Amum and Riak all veid for the position of SPLM Chairman in a democratic and fair process, Kiir equated that with an outright coup, a terrible misunderstanding borne out of pure idiocy and fear. He though change in party chairmanship meant taking over the presidency of the republic. Now the rest is history. In his desperate attempt not to lose power of the party and that of the presidency, he lied to his fellow jaangs, that there was an imminent coup. He became paranoid and scared more so, the less understanding luak jaangs especially in bahr el ghasal relentlessly backed him thus forming the nucleus of the mathiang nyors and dutku beny groups. Anyway, cutting the story short, Kiir has failed and will go down in history as the most incapable leader ever. Perhaps this lies deep in his 23 yrs of being relegated to junior and less important duties by Garang, to the point Kiir just didnt learnt any leadership traits other than a few battles that he commanded. Kiir literally has now outsourced and abdicated his leadership and someone is doing the thinking for him. He is tired and restless and Riak´s academic qualifications has often been a problem to the poorly educated Kiir, here lies the source of problem. Kiir is seeking self-gratitude and esteem and this is compensated by having bootlickers, opportunists and suckers around him. Those renegades are often kept at a distance. He hires and fires as a strategy to maintain allegiance at the cost of the state. Now South Sudan has reached a tipping point with serious ethnic tensions and positions that are never reconciliable and Kiir can never play the role of an arbiter or consolidating figure. The South is done and the best is that each ethnic group seeks it is own political arrangement. Tragically, we who have lived to see that short history of country called South Sudan with all the human sacrifices will reflect and say, it was a failed experiment of a country in being, Kiir has failed us. Adios.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Thamur,
    “Dr Riek Machar Teny was chosen by God…”,is an assertion subject to many interpretations.
    If you are a south sudanese who is familiar with his backrounds,there isn’t any need to ignore that he was the one who headed the revolt of the Nasir faction in 1991 that transformed it’s self so quickly into an ethenic war against dinka.The events of 2013 headed by him again was an extension of the events of 1991.Every force led by him is guided by the objective of a war against dinka masses.If u say God has chosen him for destruction,I would applaud u without any recourse to a quarrel.
    Mr Thamur,Stop being naive.The wounds Dr Riek has inflicted are too painful to project him as anything better for RSS.Bear up why many people aren’t revolting against the failure Kiir.But they would do so the day Dr Riek kicks the bucket.The daylight ignorance that compells u into believing in him will drag u to hell too readily before knowing it.
    U are free to take up arms.But those of equatoria have shut themselves in the foot already by massacaring innocent jieng.If their revolt was against the government,what’s so difficult about attaking armed government forces dreployed every where in equatoria?Is that the rebellion you are alluding to as one to put Dr Riek to,”lead the south sudanese to prosperity”?
    OK OK.Go away with your cross sir.One gets the impression of u as a stranger from another planet.

  11. f says:

    False Millionaire,
    When records to be open and interpreted as the even unfolded, the Nuer paid heavily for the 1991, especially those who ignored the existence of chaos. In September, 1991, as we moved from Atapi to Opari, to receive food ratio; I still feel the trauma of what was done to a young-Nuer boy in his teens. He felt down on his left down along the road after being beaten by some Dinka extremists as part of retaliation for what Riek allegedly did in Bor. Every Dinka man and woman passing by-the dying helpless Nuer man, could pick a stone and hit the already unconcious victim. From that day, until now, I have been questioning the degree of christianity love that Dinka hve. By shouting loud with mic, you become a fool to conclude that are religiously worthy but actually no. No rescue and by the time, we returned, a young man was dead but moved a distance.Dr. John Garang de Mabior, failed to control his commanders. Kuol Manyang was killing innocent soldiers in masses as though he could produce them over night and train them for fight the next day. Salva Kiir killed over 1,000 Toposa recruits as they go to cut bamboos, they never return on daily basis. This was in Boma-False Millionaire. Salva Kiir was a Chief of Intelligence and did not trust that Toposa could make good SPLA. Deng Aguang smashed the whole cream of Lohulak, mainly made of Equatoria sons. With all the above, SPLM/A was given a chance to push on with CPA, forgiven for its worst human-rights records. Remember, a WFP staff (man and woman) were sent back o their country of origin, from Amee (Magwi) County, in coffins. A woman was wounded in a fight staged to prevent William Nyuon from escaping. This was at Amee junction. Unfortunately, the poorly trained soldiers attached a WFP vehicle, wounding a male soldier but his workmate (woman) was safe. They were kept under tight security in Amee as treatment was being offered. As no improvement, the SPLA Devils, decided to finish the wonded man and killed also his work mate (woman) and then took them to UN in Uganda for delivery to their country. We have dirty records for all the SPLM/A members, both the dead and the living ones,whether in Juba or abroad. We voted for separation for independence but no agreement that SPLM/A should continue runnning the country lawlessly as it did liberation wars.

  12. False Millionaire,
    Carefully, understand the dynamic of the situations unfolding in South Sudan since 2005. Money was misappropriated and no one was arrested and prosecuted. Government kill opponents by work of its criminal wings in name of SPLA, CID and Negative Security Service and come out to declare that it was unknown. Where in a country, certain people are by law allowed to carry guns, they should either apprehend the criminals and punish them or else, they stand liable for being part of the network of gangs.It is a duty of every state to protect its citizens and failure to do so, will compel citizens to call for stepping down of the ruling party. False Millionaire, what will be your position when citizens, by 15/12/2016 match to the parliament to commemorate the innocent Nuer who died in 2013 SPLM/A political madness?
    You will multiply the number by killing more on that day. You bosses in Juba, failed to separate state (South Sudan) from SPLM/A. This is the worst mistake. There is too much ignorant that made the SPLA unprofessional and indisciplined army. They are told that once SPLM is out, there will be no SPLA? This is the most stupid thinking and indoctrination that made SPLA soldiers to behave clandestinely in an attempt to keep away from politic of South Sudan, the opposing voices, who have rights and capacity to lead this nation. When it come to problem of innocent Dinka dying, we condemn it in all forms. Fighters, should not kill civilians they intend to liberate from the terrorizing SPLM/A IG and this has been and continue to be our call. Civilians are civilians and they should stay wherever they are. This excludes cattle herders as most carry guns, wrapped in their mats or mattresses. Cattle herders are not innocent and will not be exempted from provisions applicable to armed men of police, wild life, NSS, FB, Prison and SPLA, because they carry gun. Wearing a civilian cloth or driving unpainted car should not be deemed as being a civilian. Spies died in civilian clothes and only distinguished by weapons found on their bodies and IDs. Ordinary Jienge have no problems but they become problem, when people like you False Millionaire, incite them.We have have been insulted as cowards several times for peacefulness and friendly approach we accord you guys. You left your villages, old and young alike and thought that the peace in Equatoria was not a choice but cowardness of our people. Feel the part and teach others about the importance of peace and please go and make peace with your neighbours. I believe people migrate because they failed to live in peace with their neighbors. So the once save havens are no longer good to live or move. Riek has programs that are admired by common people but SPLM/A in Juba, did want that. Why did we send our children abroad for studies than building schools in Abienhom? Whether or not Riek makes any progress in his quest for peace, the Equatoria cause is unique. A country will emerge from this. We share principles with Riek but whether Riek comes to Juba now, he will not bring all factions that are fighting for one aim-Republic of Equatoria.

  13. Steve John says:

    Thomor Dikori,
    I keenly follow your discussions with False Millionaire that’s a good academic exercise. However, I find in your conclusive remarks something worth acknowledging: the target of a free, progressive Republic of Equatoria. Cynics will downplay that as a wicked thought of some disgruntled Equatorians. This is the start of a journey of no-return and we will do anything in this world to make it work. Equatorian fighters now control an area as large as Malawi or Gabon. The atrocities committed by jaang nyors only increases and consolidates our resolve to fight and drive them entirely out of Equatoria. Those jaang vagabonds that fled Yei recently are a testimony to this. The message must be clear, Equatorians are not like other groups that are confused, inconsistent and wavering, Equatoria means business this time and can not be the asshole of South Sudan. Wether jaangs, Nuers or other ethnicities, time has come to call a spade a spade. Pls go ahead to promulgate this vision and just forget all that jaang-crap of “our” South Sudan. The misery our fellow Equatorians are now going through is a result of our kindness and tolerance we showed that has been interpreted ad cowardice. We must drive all these jaang-drifters. Now no more tolerance and Equatoria must show it’s ugly face to survive.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Thomor,
    If,”ordinary jieng”,could be incited as u dare to assert,the innocent jieng murdered without any due in equatorian roads would have been revenged long time ago.
    With all due respect,I regret the sense of narrowness in u and in your likes.That’s what will cause so much suffering to both ordinary jieng as well as your communities.
    Equatoria emerging as an independent state could never be an issue of a bitter objection.It’s the way of the world once staying as part of a given single country is no longer relevent.As the US independence from England provides an example to such context,our independence from Sudan isn’t an exception.
    History,the lessons learn from it and how they are put to good use is part of civilization helping human conducts to produce rational solutions without so much recourse to savagery.

    Any Anya movement lead by general Lagou had declared a struggle for a South Sudan’s independence from the Northern Sudan.That alone united the ranks of the norther elites among whom were those of Nuba Mountains,of the blue Nile and of Darfur.
    Any Anya movemement was lucky to have achieved the Addis Ababa agreement.A united northern Sudan was too strong to manouvre and score a military victory against it.U aren’t obliged to agree with me that Garang was wise to have opted for a struggle for a united Sudan as a slogan.Those of the Nuba Mountains,of the blue nile and of Darfur sacrificed on what turned out to have been a struggle for south sudan’s independence.
    Today,even though none southerners have paid the price,an independent south sudan is a cause of great satisfaction to the majority of south sudanese may be u and your likes also included.
    In furtherance of the same line of reasoning in visualization of a distant or near future,an independent equatoria will never be a cause of displeasure to equatorians.But for those of u who are now set for equatoria independence,is it the government lead by a jaang president that prevents it or is it the jieng ordinary masses who have become an obstacle?If it’s the jieng who aren’t part of the government,there is an urgent need to explain how.

    Mr Thomor,please go fight for your independence.But it’s wise never to ignore that u will suffer so much pain by targeting innocent jieng instead of the government which has the power to grant or to refuse to grant to u your independence.

  15. False Millionaire.
    “Mr. Thomor, please go fight for….never to ignore that you will suffer so much by targetting “innocent jieng” instead of the Government…………… False Millionaire, hopefully you had knowledge about the package that form part and parcel of any war.The ordinary jieng are victims of the Government, who misinformed them of the non-existence of the armed element on the roads and Equatoria generally. Kiir and Makuei severally times maintained that the engagements that are taking place were criminal acts and banditries, which made the civilians go unaware. In normal circumstance, we would have been appreciative had the jieng chiefs sought permission to use road we control. Then coordination could be possible to prepare their save passage to the Government controlled land. Road transport between Juba and Yei became limited as of August, 2015 and those who had been using were just permitted to move by our monitors. Secondly, a convoy for civilians should not be accompanied by armed men, otherwise we may be attracted to obtain the weapons from the armed men in company of civilians. Coordinate us in a planned civilian movement for necessary save passage permission or take the other side by moving freely in disregard to our existence and misinformation that we are simply a disorganized group.

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