Call for Alternative People’s NADAFA Government in South Sudan based on Three Autonomous Regions

FROM: 1-The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), The Workers Party of Upper Nile (WPU) and The Federal Democratic Party (FDP)/Army;

Concerned Citizens in South Sudan and in Diaspora: We, together take the opportunity to inform the general public and our constituencies in South Sudan; based in Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal, that we are announcing to you and the world community, AU, IGAD, UN and TROIKA countries; the establishment of the National Alliance for Democracy And Freedom Action (NADAFA) as a popular, grassroots peoples alliance for democracy and freedom action in South Sudan.

NADAFA calls for Three Autonomous governments representing peoples of three regions of Bhar El Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria.

The alliance members; People’s Democratic Movement, the Workers Party of Upper Nile, and Federal Democratic Party/Army and others who will join them, are committed to and firmly believe in creating the foundation for genuine lasting peace, democracy and sustainable development through alternative Peoples NADAFA Government in Upper Nile, Equatoria, Bahr al Ghazal, and South Sudan that will be based on federation of three autonomous regions during a transitional period of a NADAFA’s TFGoNU[1] as the way forward.  

For that reason, the Alliance agreed to advocate for and shall promote:

  1. The Call for three Autonomous Regions during transitional government period, giving the people a chance to rebuild themselves in their own regions of Bahr El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile. The NADAFA Government will ensure that the rehabilitation of refugees and IDPs is carried out by putting the people first, and power-sharing equitably between the peoples, respect for the people and human rights shall come first in our country. The call for a Governance status of Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal as three autonomous regions with their borders and districts as they stood on 1st January 1956, in a new federal governance system during NADAFA Transitional Government period. New Peoples Social Contract and Constitution making for a people’s choice of governance system for their country between Federation or Confederation of states, including determination of number of states during the transitional period.
  2. Freedom action by the people using all legitimate means of struggle, including popular uprising for freedom in the event negotiation and peaceful means fail to amicably resolve the governance crisis under SPLM tribal rule in South Sudan.
  3. Positioning the alliance as the Peoples alternative NADAFA Government for our country to bring and realize enjoyment of Human and Peoples Rights, Economic, Social, Cultural and Political Rights by all our peoples in the three regions and 64 ethnic communities, and put an end to impunity and endemic corruption by hegemonic and tribal elites in South Sudan once and for all.
  4. Accountability for and recovery of all stolen monies in billions by the ruling elites from public coffers and resources, wasted in corrupt deals, personal enrichment at public expense, or in money laundry in real estate or property abroad.  
  5. Freedom of expression, and independent public broadcasting and democratic media sector that is not operating under state control, and which enjoy the right of access to information and the Public’s Right to Know.

NADAFA, the alliance shall seek to realize a political solution to the conflict in South Sudan predicated upon:

  1. All the peoples of South Sudan shall be guaranteed the right to live in a civil and democratic society which respects human and peoples rights in conformity with the ACHPR[2]
  2. The peoples of South Sudan shall have the right to determine the system and form of governance in the social contract and constitution making process, which may be a federation of three or more states or confederation of them.
  • Any forum for peace negotiations to reach an agreement shall ensure the socio-political and economic conditions that promote Three Autonomous Regions for a just and lasting peace for all the peoples of South Sudan are met, and guaranteed by the world community, and the protracted presence of UN peace keeping forces as may be adequate and necessary to keep the peace.
  • The world community are urged and welcome to contribute both relief and development resources to support the new and democratic societies and political forces establish a strong foundation for democracy and lasting peace in South Sudan based on Three Autonomous NADAFA Governments in Malakal, Juba and Wau.

The People’s Democratic Movement, the Workers Party of Upper Nile, and Federal Democratic Party (FDP)/Army take the opportunity once more to repeat their call to our people in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal to forge a broad based socio-political struggle under the National Alliance for Democracy And Freedom Action (NADAFA) in our country, to end SPLM impunity, and lead democratic transformation that will usher in a just and sustainable peace.

NADAFA Alliance’s – Urgent recommendations to IGAD, AU, TROIKA and UNSC for a negotiated peace agreement in South Sudan:

  • Revisit R-ARCSS to open it up for a critical review to incorporate provisions for Pre-Transitional People’s conventions in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal before start of Transitional Period and its possible extension thereof;
  •  Revisit and review R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions for a Federal governance system during the transitional period based on three autonomous regions of Upper Nile, Equatoria, and Bahr al Ghazal with their colonial districts and borders as they stood on 1st January 1956, which are well known and thus avoid the need for unnecessary imposition of the illegal 32 or 21 states in South Sudan;
  • Review R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions to address the root causes of conflict, justice and accountability for war crimes, and crimes against humanity and gross human rights violations in South Sudan;
  • Review R-ARCSS to limit undue influences, direct or indirect infringement upon the sovereignty and economic resources of South Sudan by foreign or IGAD sponsored regional powers, such as Sudan and Uganda in particular, and who are not to be authorized as peace Guarantors in South Sudan by the UNSC;
  • Review R-ARCSS to lift the state of emergency, release of all abducted political detainees and prisoners of war, accountability for missing abductees, Aggrey Ezbon Idri and Samuel Duong Luak who were kidnapped from Nairobi and both of whose fate still remain unknown;
  • Review of R–ARCSS to incorporate provisions for repatriation of Refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) to their homes and places of origin in Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal;
  • Review of R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions for strategic security sector reforms, establishment of a national army and organized forces that will constituted from all the 64 ethnic groups in the country from Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal;
  • Review of R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions for all natural resources, gold mining and oil sector revenues transparency and accountability;
  • Review of R-ARCSS to incorporate provisions for funding implementation of a sustainable peace agreement in South Sudan from local and international partners,; UN, AU, IGAD, and TROIKA countries.

The alliance calls upon you the people of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal to join NADAFA of your country and end this endemic impunity, misrule and corruption of SPLM.

SPLM impunity shall never again ruin the new born that is our country and nation the people voted for in 2011 self-determination through referendum, united by the Nile, and by the promise of a bright future.

We, the NADAFA Alliance call upon you to support the alternative People’s NADAFA Government vision for your country in the three Autonomous Governments based on regional representation in order to set the new direction for a genuine democratic transformation in South Sudan.

Why Alternative People’s NADAFA Government for South Sudan

It is clear to the people of South Sudan that SPLM destroyed our country and ruled with impunity. It is now clear that without going to Three Autonomous Regions, South Sudan will never see and experience peace under SPLM tribal rule.

Thabo Mbeki, the former South Africa’s President described the ruling SPLM in Juba as a bunch of kleptocratic  tribalists. The Trump administration further indicted President Salva Kiir’s leadership as being “morally bankrupt.”

The scathing Sentry reports of endemic corruption by SPLM leaders in power are no different. Since the summer of 2013, the SPLM has long ceased to be the leading democratic and progressive political organization in the country, not capable to lead democratic transformation after independence in 2011.

President Salva Kiir has literally installed himself as a full time dictator and earned condemnation of world leaders and friends of South Sudan liberation struggle alike; for the abject conditions of human rights abuses, corruption and impunity he created and permitted in the country. This is over and above gross human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

SPLM is without legitimacy, fractured and failed on all counts, and is now without institutional foundations to retain the trust of the people to govern after its list of 75 leaders massive corruption in Government, which ultimately triggered and imposed a civil war in SPLM and equally in the country.

All this is occurring whilst the family of the President and relatives, with their children enjoyed owning expensive villas in Nairobi, shares in companies and a string of businesses of all trades, and looted public resources with impunity, such as Bol Mel’s infamous ABMC business model, together with other elites-owned firms in South Sudan that are sanctioned by the USA for money laundering.

President Kiir has turned the country’s resources into a personal bank account for corrupt ruling elites in SPLM and other political parties in his regime.

There is therefore absence and lack of any political will or capacity left in the ruling SPLM, and in this dictatorship and kleptocracy to be the ones entrusted with developing genuine democracy and sustainable peace in the country when credible democratic institutions are non-existent in all SPLM variants of the IG, FDs or IO kind.

The country is now faced with a huge deficit of democracy and foundation for sustainable peace and development that puts the people and respect for their dignity and basic human rights first.

The burden of democracy development lay not in the SPLM variants of corrupt-elites power sharing governments of the R-ARCSS anticipated type or the one before it that collapsed. That burden of democracy and sustainable peace development laid in a radical approach with a future ‘all peoples national alliance for democracy and freedom action’ alternative government, one that shares power equally between the peoples of Equatoria-Upper Nile-Bahr al Ghazal inclusively in all their diverse 64 ethnicities.

The way forward

The alternative is the Peoples NADAFA[3] Government[4] for the country, to disrupt dictatorship and most needed to clean the country from endemic corruption, end impunity and kleptocratic rule of SPLM and Salva Kiir, which destroyed the social fabric in South Sudan. The alternative People’s NADAFA government will mend and repair the social fabric, establish the new social contract and political order which South Sudan needs and that puts the people, their dignity and human rights first.

The alliance members; PDM, the Workers Party of Upper Nile, and FDP/A are committed to and firmly believe in creating the foundation of genuine democracy and sustainable peace development through alternative Peoples NADAFA Government in Upper Nile, Equatoria, Bahr al Ghazal, and South Sudan in a federation of three autonomous regions during a transitional period of a truly NADAFA TFGoNU[5] as the way forward.

Our Vision

Establish NADAFA’s Transitional Federal Government of National Unity in conjunction with Three Autonomous Regional Governments, which will be the primary basis for giving our people the right to choose Confederation or Federal system of government in the constitution making process.

Our Mission

The mission of NADAFA is to advocate for Democracy, Human and Peoples Rights, and rebuilding our regions to ensure and guarantee the rights of our peoples to live in a civil and democratic society which respects human and peoples rights and the full enjoyment of their economic, social, cultural and political rights, and providing accessible, affordable, and comprehensive education to our people across Three Autonomous Regions.

In order to fulfill our duty as responsible stewards of the people’s aspirations, we profess and commit to the values of Human and People Rights, integrity, responsibility and respect for human dignity as our guiding principles in all that we hope to achieve in service of the alliance and future NADAFA Government at large. 

The Peoples’ Alliance, NADAFA are calling on our sons and daughters in the ARMY, to join the call for freedom action to rescue our people and the country from the tribal tyranny of SPLM/A.

NADAFA appeals to and expects the highest standards of moral character and ethical behavior in the peoples struggle for freedom and justice. In particular, you in the institution of the (ARMY) have been used by politicians and corrupt generals for the past 5 years to protect their POSITIONS, Businesses and Financial networks.

Now, our people need your Honesty and Integrity to act in defense to rescue our people from tyranny of tribal elites. NADAFA, the people’s alliance looks with high expectations to fulfillment of your obligations as the people in Uniform, towards your oppressed people of South Sudan under SPLM tribal dictatorship and tyranny.


CC: H.E.Ambassador. Ismail Wais, IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan

CC: President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Head of TGONU, SPLM-IG

CC: Hon. Angelo Beda, Co-Chair of The National Dialogue Committee

CC: Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Chairman and C-in-C, SPLM-IO

CC: Mr. Peter Gatdet Yak, Chairman, South Sudan Opposition Alliance SSOA

CC: Dr. Kwaje Lasu, South Sudan National Democratic Alliance SSNDA

CC: Mr. Deng Alor Kuol, Representative SPLM-FDs

CC: Mr. Peter Mayen, Other Political Parties, OPP

CC: H.E. Ambassador Lt. Gen. Augostino Njoroge, Interim Chairperson RJMEC,

CC: H.Es. Ambassador Chris Trott, Ambassador Erling Skjønsberg,,TROIKA

CC: H.E. Mr. Mousa Faki Mohamat, Chairperson of AU

CC: H.E. David Shearer, Head of UNMISS


Name Organization Signature
Dr. Hakim Dario Chairman People’s Democratic Movement     
Mr. Gatluke Reat Chairman Workers Party of Upper Nile  
Mr. Thomas Peter Chairman   Federal Democratic Party /Army          

[1] Transitional Federal Government of National Unity – TFGoNU

[2] African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights

[3] NADAFA abbreviation for National Alliance for Democracy And Freedom Action

[4] Transitional Federal Government of National Unity – TFGoNU

[5] Transitional Federal Government of National Unity – TFGoNU


  1. Dear:All of Us

    The holdout elements of the Revilalized of the Khartoum Peace Agreement,are adopting The Redivision Of Kokora Politics of 1983 in the Regional Local Autonomy Government of 1972 known as Addis Baba Peace Accord(Agreement).They should come forward with the principles of both federation or federal government of the system.

    Calling for federation,and federal government in the South Sudan Government,they should first INTRODUCE IN BOTH FEDERATION AND FEDERAL IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE SOUTH SUDAN REPUBLIC!

  2. Taban Alimasi says:

    It is true that, South Sudanese are keen to find solution and have runout of ideas, recycling whatever is left, anyhow is a good trial. Hopefully this would bring solution and a lasting peace, but I for one don’t think system of government is a problem. Our main enemy is ourselves, we may try all system of governments, but would never work unless we change our tribal attitude and work toward forming a nation.

    • Ayuen Nhial says:


      You’re one of the people who take his time to pay attention to the “Solution signals other than Tribal hatred Noises” and that kind of intelligence in your possession; will always serve you well for a very long time of your life and you should be proud of yourself!

      There is a reason why some very few people live well in all societies with everything in their possession to live a good life and the majorities in the same societies are not! On the same token; there are very good reasons why army generals are old with gray hairs on their heads because the wealth of knowledge they have is the difference between life and death of their armies they commanded.

      Once again I appreciate your inputs and stay hungry for more knowledge.

  3. Chol Babuur says:

    Most of you guys have an illusion that “Federalism” is “a tribal or ethnics” segregation from designated territories of South Sudan but that’s actually not what federalism means.

    “Federalism is a system of government in which entities such as states or provinces share power with a national government. The United States government functions according to the principles of federalism. The U.S. political system evolved from the philosophy of federalism.”

    If you think that “Federalism” means: if you were not born in Upper Nile, Bar-El-Ghazal or Equatoria Region then you must go and live in the region where you and you parents were born then you must be highly irrational than you think!

    If I can take your logic for the sake of rational argument for those who think that “Federalism” is “a tribal or ethnics” segregation to their native territories they were born from; then you’re going to have Equatorians who were born in Upper Nile and Bar-El-Ghazel regions when their parents were living and working there must go and live in Bar-El-Ghazel and Upper Nile because they were born there. The same application applies to Upper Nilians and Bar-El-Ghazelians who were born in Equatoria.

    United States of America have 50 independent federal States and there is nothing called “If you’re a New Yorker then you should never go and live in California or if you’re from Texas you shouldn’t be allow to move and live in Washington State! Or if you were born a New Yorker you shouldn’t be a Califorian or if you were born as a Texans you shouldn’t live in Washington because that would be the dumbest definition of Federalism.

    In 1972 after the Any-anya-1 civil war; three federal states of Bar-El-ghazel, Equatoria and Upper Nile were created but did we tell Arabs to not own lands in Southern Sudan and should leave to go to Khartoum or did we tell people who were not natives of Bar-El-Ghazel, Equatoria or Upper Nile go to where they belong? Did Southerners who were living in Khartoum told to leave and go to Southern Sudan because they weren’t natives of Khartoum?

    If your organization is that highly irrational to not know how people live in a diverse county with multiple ethnic groups in a “Federal System” then how the hell are you going to know anything else in any political system? And if you can’t even win an online war; then where else are you going to win one?

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Brother Chol,
      Thank you for the contribution, you have fairly understood federal system of government, as you gave example with American system which is good. However, any country can design federal system in accordance to its needs, not necessarily every federal system should be like American.
      You gave example, about the decentralization of southern Sudan in 1983 into three regions, yes… you are right it was like federal system but was not federalism.
      Yes, some people in our society understand federalism as tribalism or regionalism, that may force them back to their respective states and they have some truth.
      Considering the current situation we found ourselves in, where Dinka’s cows are roaming in the farms in Equatoria region destroying crops, when locals complain either you get shot or you will be forced to take refuge to neighboring country.
      It true in real civilized world like America, rights of everyone is respected and properties are acquired in legal way, citizens can stay anywhere if the respect the law.
      That is not the case in South Sudan, we have some members of our society are above the law or the law doesn’t apply to them, therefore some of us would fight to death to ensure federal system of government is not implemented as this would stop tribal domination and the power of controlling other.
      People of South Sudan need a miracle to achieve a lasting peace, otherwise with our current attitude, we should not expect peace and instability, unless we as a society changed our perception about a nation.

  4. GatCharwearbol says:

    First and foremost, the call for THREE federal governances comprising of Upper Nile Region, Equatoria Region, and Bhar El Ghazel region is commendable and indeed the way forward. In fact, whether we like it or not, we are slowly but surely heading in that direction given that our leaders have failed to unite and see us as one people. What used to tie us together or our social fabric is broken beyond repair. For that, we are better off cooling ourselves down by instituting the idea of these three regions.

    On the side note, there will never be peace in South Sudan if these politicians toying with our lives remain in power. These old politicians have failed us so they have to go in order for us to rehabilitate.

    Starting with Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Lam Akol, Peter Gatdet Yaka, Thomas Cirillo, Wani Igga, Taban Deng Gai and the list goes on. These folks must leave the podium if we will ever see relative peace in our country; otherwise, it is business as usual.

    God have mercy on us innocent people!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your presumptuousness and blindness to include Gen. Thomas Cirillo with the other renegades is totally wrong, specifically because Cirillo, the youngest and purest in the group, is proposing exactly what you are now supporting.
      Federalism (also known better as ‘Kokora’) was the popular objective many Southerners propagated vigorously before traitors from the jieng and some Naath strenuously sabotaged the endeavor.
      Seriously, peace and progress can only be realized and achieved if three (3) nations are carved out of this accursed land now called South Sudan.
      Since you obviously appear as a supporter of federalism or three states, please, give Gen. Thomas Cirillo a helpful handshake. He seriously needs the Nuer to achieve this goal for all.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Your thinking is skewed big time when it comes to Cirillo. Remember, the only reason I included some of these folks in my comment is their communal ownership of SPLM since its inception. For Cirillo to think he is not involved in all the criminality of their SPLM organization is like a case of a pot calling kettle black.

        Dr. Machar is innocent but I included him here because he is part of SPLM organization. So your idol, Cirillo, is no exception. He must sit in his rightful classroom.

        That aside, at this critical juncture, Nuer and Equatoria need each other. Our common denominator is the oppression attitude exhibited toward us by our Dinka brothers. This should glued us together and I seconded your call of Nuer helping Cirillo instead of us being pitted against each other. I also condemned the allegation that SPM-IO and SPLM-IG base in Equatoria are teaming up to crush Cirillo. If SPLM-IG wants to fight NAS, SPLM-IO should support NAS as the saying goes “Enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In this case, NAS and SPLM-IO should befriend each other.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          As often over the long the long period since I set up the website in 2003….. (now sixteen years old!!), we’ve unfortunately seen little political cooperation between the Equatorians and the Nuer, instead, the Nuer have been the first to run into the embrace of the jieng and the two then mercilessly retaliate in crushing the Equatorians.
          Machar is the very personification of this policy of betrayal. It looks like if the Nuer go to the bush first then the Equatorians are expected to follow them, however, if the Equatorians were the first in the bush, the Nuer, whether under Machar or Taban, they would never come to join the Equats.
          Preponderance of evidence shows that the Nuer SPLA-IO are currently executing Cirillo’s supporters and innocent civilians in the war around Yei River area.
          Let’s not so quickly forget that Killer Kiir hasn’t evolved miraculously into an angel such that the shallow-minded Taban Gai is using his Nuer fighters for the benefit of Kiir.
          Remember that Satan Kiir never forgets or forgives his ‘enemies’ aka traitors. This time, Kiir wont miss to extinguish both MACHAR and TABAN when the time comes.
          As I have always commented on this site, Kiir is a murderous psychopathic personality who DOES NOT FORGET OR FORGIVE HIS PERCEIVED ENEMIES AT ALL.

          • Eastern says:

            Dear Editor,

            NADAFA among other regime change options are the way to go! However the Nuer people appear not to learn a thing. As we debate their wavering allegiances to a cause; a Nuer bull (Gen. Buay Rolnyang, a Bul Nuer fellow) is being castrated by the regime in Juba! He fought hard, killed his own Nuer people in the process and now he’s being served his own medicine – the same will be served to Dr. Machar and El Tabani Deng if they are quickly throw caution to the wind because of the aroma of the food in Kiir’s BIG TENT!

            The regime in Juba, thanks to the economic situation in the Sudan, succeeded in fooling a sizeable number of South Sudanese politicians under the coercion Sudanese ‘mediators’ to produce the sham R-ARCSS which is failing to take off because of its shoddiness.

            African countries that gained their independence in the 1960s are still struggling to have FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS; I am wondering why anybody rational enough should be deluded to think an election, that won’t be the MAIN INGREDIENT FOR NEXT WAR, is possible in South Sudan after about 36 months from now. Do we want to postpone that war just because the reason for going into it would be a stolen election? As everything from the onset as far as the implementation of the Khartoum brokered deal looks shoddy, one shouldn’t expect much at the tail end: the general elections planned at the end given the current situation would be a deadly mess.

            South Sudanese who are not contented with the outcome of the Khartoum engagement have their inalienable rights to defy the status quo using any means available at their disposal: making the country ungovernable in the process.

    • Biar de Malek says:

      GatCharwearbol ,

      Someone once said “If you need a clueless army including their generals; then you can absolutely take Nuer army”! The editor here (info@southsudannation) knows exactly who he is tapping into! The Nuer are like a car; you can steer a car to any direction you want it to and go without any hesitations! I thought you “Gatcharwearbol” should have been the rational one to know better but you’re not and that didn’t surprise me either.
      To be fair to some Nuer; not all of them are that highly irrational but most of them are and I am afraid they are going to be used that way to their extinction without even knowing it.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Biar de Malek,
        Thanks for your comment and I seriously hope the Nuer nation quickly wakes up from their confusion and misguided leaderships, be it Machar’s or Taban or Gadet. One people like them can’t allow themselves to be perpetually confused and misused.

  5. Malouda says:

    nonsenses, you are a rebel who form his new group. Nonseases ces,

  6. False Millionnaire says:

    The power thirsty Dr Riek Machar giving a helping hand to TC?
    Common,you are dreaming.The only good luck u have with your kins is the fact that he isn’t on the helm at Kiir’s place.Otherwise you would have been something else under his white army’s savagery.

  7. Dear: John Almasi

    I totally do not agree with you when saying Hopefully this would bring solution and a lasting peace, but I for one don’t think system of government is a problem. Our main enemy is ourselves, we may try all system of governments, but would never work unless we change our tribal attitude and work toward forming a nation.


    Abiko! Kansas City,Missouri,USA!

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Brother Abiko,
      I am not sure if you are responding to John Alimasi or Taban Alimasi. I assumed you are responding to Taban Alimasi because of the quote from his comment. If that is the case, you have the right not to agree with me, however please tell me the solution to South Sudan problem if you know. I personally believed we are our own enemy and I have outlined why I think so. You don’t agree with me that is excellent, but tell the forum alternative view,

  8. J. Malooma says:

    I can’t see any reason why blaming the Naath people for federalism or (kokora)? To be clear, kokora died the natural death because it was in one way or another played in the hands of Khartoum regimes, and Abel Alier – Jieng were only helping on its burial…!
    Don’t forget that Naath people had started the 2nd liberation in 1975…8 years or so before Kokora took place.
    Yes, in the current situation, there’re some prominent Nuers who are helping Kirr-Jieng regime in sabotaging the quest for federal system of good governance – and this is the same to Equatorians – wew who are working for Kirr-Jieng regime to kill the federalism – which the Jang perceived as threat to their existence in SS…!

    You disappeared and welcome back. Your proposal is good; nonetheless, it will not work; why, because each group wanted to keep their leader(s) and these leaders will never voluntarily step down.
    Regime change through military means, or perhaps peaceful settlement with a free and fair elections afterward will do the trick.
    I’m very sure Dr Riek and his party will only accept a defeat in a free and fair elections, as long as the election is thoroughly and credibly free and fair in the eyes of South Sudanese people as well as in the eyes of International Community and (observers).
    Again, let me say this, let’s not confuse the leadership in SS for who is old and who is not! The focus for any country and South Sudan is not an exception, is on who has a vision and quality of leadership for the nation!
    A Leader with Vision of development and human rights for every region or state to govern themselves will definitely Unite the 64 tribes of SS from top to bottom…

  9. Hoiloom says:


    Don’t trust this NAS propaganda that IO is teaming up with Mathiang Anyor to pursue NAS. My information since the formation of NAS has been constant, some of NAS members splitted from IO and attacked the former. Let us not twist facts. IO has nothing to gain by fighting NAS. I personally support federalism based on 10 states because I don’t buy this regionalism which may lead into our disintegration. Our problem is poor leadership!! How in the world would IO fight NAS when our intelligence is telling us that Kiir is training thousands of troops in Luri for J2 episode? Stop abusing Nuer intelligence ya Editor. Thomas Cirrilo has never had any interest or intention to cooperate with IO, hence he wants all Equatorians to abandon IO and join him which explains all these claims with no evidence to back him up. I said before and I will repeat again; Nuer and Equatorians have a common enemy…

    GatCharwearbol, welcome back!


    • Taban Alimasi says:


      You’ve some interesting points which are good, but I thought SPLA IO led by Dr Riek is a national movement not Nuer and NAS led by General Thomas as well is a national movement, both are fighting for reforms in South Sudan.
      Let me be clear, people like you who always think in tribal lines are enemies of Republic of South Sudan and there are many of you in Juba who have destroyed our social fabric beyond repair with tribal and discriminating attitude.
      Brother and sisters, if we really want peace we should restrain from our tribal attitude and promote unity among South Sudanese. We should judge individual leaders on their characters and policies not on their region or tribe.
      Nuer and Equatorians have no common enemy rather NAS and IO have common enemy, which is the government, but this does not apply to SPLA IO as they have signed Khartoum agreement.
      Hoiloom, I don’t know if you are IO supporter or a personal of IO, if that’s you perception about IO and when you arrive in Juba in May you would be a government for Nuer.

  10. False Millionnaire says:

    If things have narrowed down into internet debate,it’s valid to accept the theory of centuries of suffering without any change.
    Mr Garcharwearbol fools the editor as if he is Dr Riek Machar who was too sure of himself and thought he didn’t need Equatorians to help him climb to the helm as predicted by ngundeng to proclaim naath nation.
    Since when has jieng oppression become too difficult to fight if it wasn’t due to his ill calculations for nuer’s cause as an only objective to achieve with both jieng and Equatorians in his black list to be done away without mercy?
    But that on the other hand, if the editor isn’t a mad man, he compels others to believe that he has chosen to dare to consider himself as a wise man addressing mad people.
    Dr Riek had always had manpower. But nonetheless, an Equatorian helping hand wouldn’t have been that useless and so no body would have been wasting time any more now talking about jieng’s oppression if that was the only cause for the fuss.
    Why is the editor begging for a nuer’s helping hand now when he kept his when nuer needed it?
    Somebody who isn’t a South Sudanese can be forgiven if he is made a fool of in the context of the tricky equations beneath the games’ scenario.
    Dr Riek wants a naath nation in RSS and Equatorians to help him in the role of cheer fire woods. Equatorians on the other hand want an independent Equatoria but without wishing to suffer blood bath and that’s Why every time jieng and nuer get on each others’ throat, it’s a spectacular occasion of delight to Equatorians like the editor because that incites upon them a daydream of picking up the independence from a silver plate.
    How is that alliance based on contradiction going to workout when Equatorians’ intention is to use Nuer against jieng and to liquidate them if jieng happen to be defeated while Nuer’s intention towards Equatorians is the same likewise?

    • J. Malooma says:

      False Millionaire,
      I like your madness…. Just a quick reminder, don’t forget that Naath has won the hardest parts of Jang conspiracy and psychological warfare; the vilification. Jang intellectuals have never desist from slander, vilification and acts of sabotage on nonjang people, specifically the “Naath people of SS”. Jang elites have been campaigning since time memorial that Nuer are the trouble makers and had made South Sudan to be at wars with Sudan and now by itself. Thus, Nuer became bad in the eyes of everyone. Nonetheless, this evil deeds and lies have been dealt and eliminated. All nonjang tribes of SS have now learned and seen the true identity of Jang, and as result become ally to Naath nation.

      Use of force and foreign allies; that may sound good in theory, but not a good option either. Naath nation have never been intimidated by the use of force. Why would you think it got to be successful now when it wasn’t in 1800s, when the same Jang were getting help from foreign forces? Did they stopped the Naath people to achieve the vision/objective and goals of their mission by then? I will leave that to you….!

  11. Mondeto says:

    Only 3 federal states are the Solution to the problem of South Sudan. Without these 3 Federal states, breakup of South Sudan like a breakup of Yugoslavia is imminent.
    As long as Kirr-Jieng regime is in power, no peace. No place of Dinka in the Greater Equatoria. You are setting your tribe, Dinka, on fire. Equatorians will never surrender to your JCEs Government ideologies in their land, you will regret later on if Kirr-Jieng regimes sabotage this.

  12. Hoiloom says:

    Taban Alimasi,

    Thank you for your input. We have never exchanged views in this great website. For South Sudan to achieve any lasting peace and prosperity the JCE empire must be dismantled for good. This is not a government but a bunch of tribal mafia clique that survives on chaos to loot, rape and humiliate non Dinka members therefore it must go.

    IO has presents in most part of Equatoria, Western Bargazal and Chollo Kingdom where Nuer presence is very limited in these areas and the unity of these groups should have a core objective to free our people from bondage. I am a pro federalism where devolution of powers to states, counties and payam levels should be enshrined in South Sudan constitution. I do not however want disintegration of our country as some advocates based on three regions.
    Khartoum peace agreement will not last as Kiir is busy training more Mathiang Anyor in Luri and Warrap in case you are not aware. This is just a cessation of hostility to beg international community to fund peace agreement so Kiir can use oil revenues to loot with his clique and buy more arms. Taban, where in the world would a sane person go and beg while he has millions of stolen funds from public coffer in his accounts if not only a Bar Gazal thief?


  13. Eastern says:

    Dear Equatorians,

    This Taban Alimasi, here struggling to ‘sound’ Equatorians is not and should be taken as such….!

    Taban Deng tried to play the second fiddle in the absence of Dr. Machar and Equatorians know and felt what that futile move meant….

    Even the BARELY UNDERSTOOD, a one ‘chief’ Abiko got wind of this fiend masquerading as an Equatorian!

    Some sections of Rwandese lived in neighbouring Uganda for decades as refugees and they are now in charge of their country! What’s wrong with South Sudanese doing the same?! If Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, etc can TEMPORARILY accomodate South Sudanese who are oppressed, there’s always TOMORROW when they will claim back their country!

    • Makuei Kuai says:

      When someone had a different point of view to your viewpoint; does that mean he or she shouldn’t be one of your own? The truth is universal; he doesn’t have to be in your own tribe to agree with you. How many Jiengs disagreed with president of South Sudan and ends up getting killed and you know them by their names on this website. They should have just agree with president and should have been alive today.
      For you to say Taban Alimasi is not from your tribe because he disagree with you is the kind of shortsightedness that make you utter inferior in any rational debate. Do you know that in your own family bloodline; you can have different point of view on an issue? How many times have you come to an agreement with your own brothers and sisters on a very difficult issue 100% of the time? You wouldn’t know that happened because you’re not smart enough!

      I am not here to defend Taban Alimasi; he is smart enough to defend himself and good luck to you.

      • Eastern says:

        Makuei Kuai,

        The issues in contention is beyond the tribe. Your analogy of these issues with the trivial family or village squabbles only affirms to your petty reasoning. Try better next time!

  14. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr JM,
    There is really nothing wrong if a genuine miracle has come to happen making you fall in love with equatorians and equatorians with you in return.The jolly universal virtue named freedom of expression and permits one to show opinion at least if not conviction. So forgive the madness and be assured that you will be observed with great attention.Unfortunately for you,that love will go up in a smoke long before you move jieng by an inch.

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